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    Movie Maker settings for Power Point

    Hi To All,

    I am creating a power point presentation, and want to use multiple separate video clips....using MS Movie Maker what is/are the recommended resolution settings to minimize file size while maintaining decent resolution when presented on the computer and projector?

    Thank you in advance for your assistance.


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    I would generally set it to the screen resolution of the projector you're using, if you're projecting full screen. You may be able to scale it down if not.

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    For a quick and easy multimedia project, use a combination of PowerPoint and Windows Live Movie Maker. Use this strategy for all sorts of projects such as movie trailers, digital book reports or anything where images, music and even narration come together for one amazing presentation.
    Open Windows Live Movie Maker and import the images created from the PowerPoint slides by clicking Add videos and photos. You can re-order the pictures by dragging them into place. Now click the Animation tab then click the More arrow in the Pan and zoom group. Choose the pan and zoom for each image. If your slides have text, keep the text in the frame during the panning and zooming. Then go back to the Home tab and click Add music to add a background track.

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