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    W7 Pro 64 shutdown/sleep issues

    I have recently started having shutdown/sleep issues with my primary computer on my home network. Mainly, the system stays up after the designated period and doesn't sleep and, when shutting down or I ask for a restart, the system acts like its going to comply, closes the desktop and say 'shutting down' and just stops there. Thinking it was shutting down, I have left my home office only to come back hours later to find it is still 'shutting down'.

    For reasons I won't go into here, since this post is already too long , I have ditched WHS 2011 on my server in favor of ubuntu server 12.10 and Samba for NAS. While trying to make time to get that up and running, I have added Acronis TrueImage 2013 and PlusPak to all three computers on the home network with secondary drives for backup on each. I know; belts and suspenders, right? (just not a fan of WHS any longer).

    I don't THINK Acronis is inhibiting shut down and sleep but I could be wrong. I am in the process of using msconfig to startup with the bare system and adding processing one by one, but my patience is wearing a bit thin as nothing seems to be helping.

    So, the point of this post is to ask; shouldn't there be something in W7's logs about what's going on? I'm not sure how to access them, if so. I feel kinda dumb this morning.


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    Check Control Panel -> Performance and Information Tools and then Advanced Tools. You may have a list of apps that get in the way of sleeping / shutting down. Have a look.

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    Try a clean boot ( ) and see if you can now shut down. If so, enable things in groups until you identify the culprit.


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