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    I have a problem with a few machines at my work. For some reason they hang at different times during the day, we recently installed Smart Cards in a few rooms so that students could not wreck the machines and the configuration was put back to its original state with a reboot, however now the machines are constantly hanging, we thought it was the virus checker but on disabling it, it has done the same. Has anyone used SmartCards before and if so have they came across a similar problem.


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    I would think the best test for this would be to remove smart-cards from the system and see what happens. Generally, loading proprietary software hasn't had adverse effects in my experience, if it does, it's listed at the manufacturers web-site. Another possibility is that the new software is taxing your resources, causing the PC to hang. Uninstall Smart-cards, (you can put an out-of-order sticker on the PC or give it to a student you trust, or set the bios password...) and see if that has any effect.

    Hope this helps!

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