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    WSL Tutorial: Attaching a file to a post

    To attach a file {Text, Screen Shot, Windows Office file, etc.} to a post in WSL you first need to know where the file is stored on your disk. It will help if you know this before you begin writing the post or reply.

    Start your post as you would normally do, using the Quick Reply text area and then change to advanced mode, by clicking the Go Advanced button, located at the bottom right of the Quick Reply area.


    Now scroll down to the Manage Attachments button and click it.


    Please note the VALID FILE EXTENSIONS. It your file is not in the list you will have to Zip it first!

    When the window depicted below appears click on the Browse… button next to the 1st box.


    Use the standard Windows Explorer file open box presented to locate your file then click it so it appears in the File name box then click the Open button.


    You can repeat this step for each of the other two boxes if you have more than one file to attach. When you are done selecting files click the Upload button.

    Now you can finish your post if you have not already entered all the text. If you have or when you are done, don’t forget to click the Submit New Thread or Submit Reply button as appropriate.

    Please take note that some files, especially executable types, need to be zipped before attaching. If you have more than 3 files to attach, again zip them into a single file and attach the zipped file.
    You should also be aware that you can easily include graphic files, e.g. screen shots, in line with the text of the post, using the Image button on the tool bar:

    Creating a List of all Start Up Applications with the portable "WhatsInStartup" application:

    Download NirSoft's WhatsInStartup application

    Open the application and go to EDIT, then check "Select ALL".
    Then go to "FILE" and check "save selected items".
    You will be prompted to create a name and place to save the text file.
    Save it in a location that it can easily be found later.

    You can find these instructions the pdf below.


    Autoruns for Windows can also be used to create a list of these Startup apps. Be advised however that Autoruns creates a list with a significant amount of additional info than does What's In Startup.

    To accomplish this using the following method:

    Download Autoruns for Windows. The app is a portable app and does not need to be installed. This will create a folder wherever you wish to save it.

    Choose to open Autoruns for Windows using the autoruns.exe file.

    You will see a windows with many tabs. The Startup tab shows the startup items.

    Use the File, Save (or the Save icon on the Toolbar). Change the file type to .txt and save. Remember where you saved this file.

    Now use the method shown above to add this file to your post. Be advised this will create a file with a huge amount of data.

    P.S.: This post was brought to you by RetiredGeek, Clint and Medico

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    Hi Rui, this method is the easiest. Matt Bidinger knows about it. Posting any File.docx
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    Thanks, didn't know it work on any type of file.
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