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Thread: Freeze-ups

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    Re: Freeze-ups

    This is what I get at itickets
    "Warning: MySQL Connection Failed: Too many connections in /home/itickets/itickets-www/connect.php3 on line 8
    Unable to connect to database"

    But " " works fine for me.

    Now running HP Pavilion a6528p, with Win7 64 Bit OS.

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    <P ID="edit" class=small>Edited by DaveA on 15-Nov-01 09:25.</P>Added url code

    I wonder if you might have any ideas on a problem I am having with my Windows NT 4.0 workstation.
    On certain web sites my PC freezes up (no keyboard, no mouse, nothing). The two most recent sites are and <A target="_blank" HREF=></A> . I tried applying SP2 to me IE 5.5, that didn't do it. Then I tried upgrading to IE 6, no good. I tried re-applying SP 6a 128 bit, still no good. It happens whether I am dialed in on my modem or when I go out through our LAN.
    Do you have any suggestions?

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