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    rules for junk mail (5)

    Does anyone have a suggestion for how to make a message rule that would send all mail that does not have our address in the TO: or the CC: line to a junk mail folder? The message rules allow you to choose if your name is in the TO: then send somewhere, but I want to take care of messages that aren't sent directly to us (mailing lists, etc.) I know that you can do this in some of the freemails (hotmail, etc) but I don't see an option for that in Outlook Express (version 5) Thanks for any suggestions - some of our e-mail is "over 18" mail and it is coming into computers in an "under 18" school setting.

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    Re: rules for junk mail (5)

    After you have started the new rule for a name in the To or CC line, you will be asked to Select People by typing a name or picking a name from the address book. After you have given a name, you can choose the Options button, you should get a choice of whether the To or CC does or does not include your listed names.

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    Re: rules for junk mail (5)

    I've had to do the same thing. Here are the steps to walk you through the whole process:
    First you have to create the new Folder and name it to route the spam to. Right Click "Local Folders" and select "New Folder". Assign it a name like "Junk". Then, at Outlook main screen, select Tools>Message Rules>Mail>New. In Box 1, put a check next to "Where the To or CC line contains people". In box 2 select "Move it to the specified folder". While still in box 2, scroll down a bit and be sure and check "Stop processing more rules". (This will prevent OE from scanning more rules and creating confusion as to which rule applies.) In box 3, click on the blue line "contains people" . Type in your email address, select "Add", then select "Options". You will be at the screen "Rule Condition Options". Under 1, check the box "Message does NOT contain the people below". OK on out till you're back at the New Mail Rule screen. Under box 3, "move to specified folder" click on the blue line "specified", and choose the folder you created (i.e. Junk). OK on out, and any mail not specifically addressed to your email address should be routed to the New Folder you created. Be aware that if you are ever BCC'd (blind copy) on an email, there are no rules that address that, so there might still be some undesirable mail that can still slip into your Inbox if your email address has been put on the "bcc" line. Hope this helps - Kat

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