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    Control Panel problem


    I am left-handed. I went to Control Panel/Mouse/Buttons, checked the 'Switch primary and secondary buttons' box, then clicked 'apply' and 'OK'. However, EVERY time I restart after either switching off completely, or just rebooting, this setting returns to a normal right-handed mode and I have too redo the setting all over again.

    A very similar thing occurs in my 'display settings. Here, under Control Panel/Display Properties/Appearance, under ' ', I select Classical Style (ie grey) and 'font size 'large',

    However, what I get on system startup is completely random. Some times, it's the grey of 'classical', others, it's the blue of Vista. Either way, sometimes, the switchover only lasts for just a single session, other times, multiple sessions.

    Having to do this, annoys me considerably. Does anyone have any ideas what to next?

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    I've had similar problems, getting some new setting to lock in.

    It's almost always because I was in a hurry and forgot to click "Apply" before leaving the settings window.
    That's a MUST!

    Then do a complete shutdown and COLD START.

    The only time new registry settings are written to the permanent copy of the registry, on the hard drive, is when you do a full shutdown. Otherwise it's just in RAM memory and will be lost if there's a power failure, etc.

    On a computer, where one person is right handed and the other operator (like a husband and wife) is left handed, I've install two mice, and set each one up for the person who will use it.
    The setup you talked about is only for a particular's not Global.
    So do make sure your setup is for the mouse you're actually using. Eh?

    Good luck!
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