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    How can I get rid of Chitka malware?

    I have a malware issue on a Windows 7 PC that I've been unable to resolve. When I open a new tab in one of my browsers (I think it is showing up in all 3 of my browsers - Firefox, Chrome, and IE), I get pop-up ads in the lower left & low right of the screen. The ad on the left is a large square, sometimes partially transparent, which makes it very easy to click on accidentally (because you think you are clicking on the text beneath the ad). Those ads are often offensive (borderline porn), or often an ad for what disguises itself as a message about updating Adobe Flash. The ad in the lower left is a large rectangular box with the word "Chitka" and is context sensitive based on whatever content is on the currently open web page/tab.

    I use MSE, and that hasn't seemed to help. I also ran CCleaner and did a scan with Malwarebytes. Several sites recommend editing the Hosts file to remove a couple lines of code. I did that. I also deleted & reinstalled Firefox. None of those things have been able to rid my PC of this malware.

    Any ideas on how I can finally be rid of this would be most appreciated. Aside from being annoying, it constantly interferes with work my family is doing on the web.

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    You should try a pre-Windows scanner, that is, one which loads and scans prior to any of the Windows code loading and running. The reason for this is that the malware may be deeply imbedded into Windows, making a Windows-based scan ineffective.

    You could start by running Windows Defender Offline. From a clean computer, go to the following website and create a CD or DVD:

    Choose the correct link (32-bit or 64-bit) to match your version of Windows.

    Make sure the infected computer is set to boot from a CD/DVD, then boot from the disk that you created.

    Be patient, it may take a long time to start running and to finish running.

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    Quote Originally Posted by caservant;902361[SUB

    Any ideas on how I can finally be rid of this would be most appreciated. Aside from being annoying, it constantly interferes with work my family is doing on the web.
    Hello... There is a good article (how to) remove "chitka"... see this Link... Hope this helps... Regards Fred

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    I didn't have "chitka", but, because I like to play and learn with my system, I followed Fred's link, and went through all the steps. I run MSSE and Malwarebytes Pro in realtime. The "chitka" steps I ran found multiple hidden things on my W7 system.
    Thanks Fred.

    Dick Y

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