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    Autotext in 2010

    I developed several templates in Word 97 that inserted autotext at specified bookmarks. Now under 2010 I get this error


    I have tried using Application.ActiveDocument but his does not work either. When I record a macro it shows the following:

    Application.Templates("D:\Users\Public\Templates\S tartup\ianznorm.dotm"). _
    BuildingBlockEntries("Voluntary").Insert Where:=Selection.Range, RichText _

    Can anyone help as we have quite a few templates that use these references

    Phil Carter

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    Are you sure the building block is in that template? Your code points at a different entry than the one you recorded.

    I don't know if this is the problem but with the 2007+ versions it is now possible to have lots of building blocks with the same name if their type and category aren't the same. For this reason, I am now a bit more specific about which building block I want to add to a document. The following code includes a line which demonstrates this. The rest of the code is useful for doing an audit of all the template building blocks.
    Sub InsertAllTemplateBuildingBlocks()
      Dim i As Integer, oTemplate As Template, sName As String
      Set oTemplate = ActiveDocument.AttachedTemplate
      If oTemplate.BuildingBlockEntries.Count > 0 Then
        For i = 1 To oTemplate.BuildingBlockEntries.Count
          With oTemplate.BuildingBlockEntries.Item(i)
            sName = .Type.Name & " > " & .Category.Name & " > " & .Name
            Selection.TypeText "===================================" & vbCr & sName & vbCr
            oTemplate.BuildingBlockTypes(.Type.Index).Categories(.Category.Name).BuildingBlocks(.Name).Insert _
                  Where:=Selection.Range, RichText:=True
          End With
      End If
    End Sub
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