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    Microsoft Word Field Maths Tutorial

    Attached is a document I've created to show how to do various mathematical calculations using Word fields, including some possibilities for string testing & manipulation. Topics covered include:

    • Formula Field Syntax
    • Formula Field Arithmetic Operators
    • Formula Field Comparison Operators
    • Formula Field Functions
    • Formula Field Logical Functions
    . AND And OR: Testing Multiple Logical Numeric Expressions
    . Testing Negative Numbers
    . Testing Or Returning Text Strings With Logical Functions In Bookmarks
    • Calculations In Word Forms
    • Referencing Cells In A Table
    . Identifying Cell Addresses
    . Referencing Cells Containing Numbers
    . Referencing Cells Containing Text
    . Reference Operators
    . Referencing An Entire Row Or Column
    . Referencing Adjacent Cells In A Row Or Column
    . Relative Referencing In Tables
    . Testing Or Returning Cell Contents In Tables
    . Reference Table Cells From Outside The Table
    . Referencing Row And Column Totals From Outside A Table
    • Formatting Numeric Field Results
    • Rounding Numbers To The Nearest Multiple
    • Rounding Numbers Up Or Down
    • Superscripted Ordinal Numbers
    • Parsing Numbers Separated By + Or - Signs
    • Scientific Notation
    • Logarithms
    • Trigonometry
    • Financial Calculations

    This post replaces an old thread from when the tutorial was first created.


    Note: Any discussions should be made in a new thread - they cannot be added to this one.
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