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    Macro for watermarking multiple docs with filename

    I need a macro to loop through a folder of Word documents and, with each document, add a watermark consisting of the filename and then save the file. I know how to loop through the documents but not how to put the filename in a watermark. I have seen solutions that use the Building Blocks functionality to add a watermark but only with fixed text, not with the current filename. Can anyone help?

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    In a blank document, use the macro recorder to record the steps of clicking Page Layout > Watermark > Custom Watermark > Text Watermark > OK.

    Turn off the recorder and open the macro editor, and go to the macro you recorded. This will be the usual sloppy mess. The third and fourth statements should look something like this, probably with just a different number after "PowerPlusWaterMarkObject". (I can just picture the dweeb who first wrote that name. )

        Selection.HeaderFooter.Shapes.AddTextEffect( _
            PowerPlusWaterMarkObject99714653, "ASAP", "Calibri", 1, False, False, 0, _
        Selection.ShapeRange.Name = "PowerPlusWaterMarkObject99714653"
    Replace those lines with these.

        Selection.HeaderFooter.Shapes.AddTextEffect(msoTextEffect1, _
            ActiveDocument.FullName, "Calibri", 1, False, False, 0, 0).Select
        Selection.ShapeRange.Name = "FilenameWatermark"
    If you don't need the path, use .Name instead of .FullName. If you like, you can put in a different font name in place of Calibri.

    Call this macro from the code that opens each document in the folder.
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