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    Microsoft Security Essentials - end of XP

    Like many other loungers, I do a bit of future proofing from time to time.

    As you know, Microsoft is withdrawing support for XP in mid-2014. Do we know whether Microsoft Security Essentials will be dropped specifically for XP at the same time?

    If so, is the recommended strategy to go back to the portfolio of security programs before we took up with MSE?

    Would be grateful for your thoughts.


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    Found this...

    will microsoft continue updates in security essentials in xp after 2014

    There is no specific Microsoft Lifecycle Support Policy for Microsoft Security Essentials. However, according to the FAQs Microsoft will offer Mainstream Support for either a minimum of 5 years from the date of a product’s general availability, or for 2 years after the successor product (N+1) is released (MSE initial release September 29, 2009) whichever is longer.

    Also from FAQs,

    5. If my program is currently supported under the Support Lifecycle policy, but my operating system is no longer supported, can I still receive support for the program? For example, can I receive support for Microsoft Office 2000 running on Microsoft Windows 98?
    If the problem is specific to the program, Microsoft will provide support. If the problem is a result of the combination of the operating system and the program, that particular problem will not be supported.


    9.SUPPORT SERVICES. Because this software is “as is,” we may not provide support services for it.

    All the above notwithsanding the transparent and predictable Microsoft Policy Disclaimer and Change Notice.

    In other words, as contributors like myself have come to learn, "Subject to change without notice" I doubt you will even get any "written in stone" answer come April 2014. Now, if you had asked about Windows Defender I can advise that Mainstream Support will end shortly on April 10, 2012.

    Windows Defender Lifecycle Support Policy

    Wish I could be more helpful.
    I'm certain XP will continue to have 3rd party AV/AM support for some time to come.
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    Thank you, CLiNT

    I can't fault that answer, it covered the whole field. And unlike me and many others, you must be an accomplished explorer in Microsoftland. I've had many searches where I've just given up. Thank you for a very clear explanation of how things stand. I've also learned a new use of a word - deprecated - in respect of what category MS place Windows Defender. (I had to look that up.)

    Thanks again.


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