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    Duplicate Drives Created


    I've experienced this problem with both Windows NT and Windows 2000:

    I map a drive to a particular server.
    Ex: Map E drive to go999
    I set-up one of the folders in the drive as a Favorite
    Ex: "FaveDrive" is E:directorysubdirectory
    Each time I click on "FaveDrive," an duplicate drive is mapped.
    Ex: Click on "FaveDrive" to access E:directorysubdirectory, it opens a file, but it's now F:directorysubdirectory. I click on FaveDrive again, it opens a file, but it's in G:directorysubdirectory.

    Each time I access "FaveDrive" by selecting it from my Favororites, it creates a duplicate drive behind the scenes. Then my F, G, H, etc. until Z drives are mapped to go999. While it doesn't directly interfere with my work, it's driving me crazy.

    Anyone else experienced this before?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Duplicate Drives Created

    Check this previous post <A target="_blank" HREF= sb=&o=&vc=1>here</A>

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