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Thread: Copying a game

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    Copying a game

    Howdy all. I have a dying optical drive in my laptop - Win 7 Pro - and am having a big problem with a game. The optical drive doesn't want to read the game disc! How can I make a copy of the game disc and run it direct from the 'puter instead of using the disc (I do have access to another 'puter to do so)?? BTW, it is a legit disc.


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    Very simply IF the disc is fully readable at least one more time AND it is not copy-protected. Otherwise it may not be possible at all. If you examine the inner ring of the disc closely you might see something like SecuROM or SafeDisc if copy-protected.

    If not, place disc in tray, close, start a program called ImgBurn, and press the appropriate button to have it make a ISO file from the contents of the disc. When done, use another program called VirtualCloneDrive to create a virtual drive and then mount that ISO in that virtual drive and point the game to that drive instead of the real one.

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    I have a dying optical drive in my laptop
    Is it the drive or the disk that is bad?

    You could also get an external USB optical drive and run your disk from there (~$20).

    Make sure the disk is clean wiping with a damp cloth from the center toward the edge; never in a circular fashion. Might also try an optical cleaning disk in the drive. That might help the read.

    Run the game from RAM using AMD RAMDisk (free version w/ 4GB limit). I have used the paid version (unlimited GB size) for about a month and it works fantastic.
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    All I need is a small RAM drive, so this should be perfect for me. Thanks for the info.

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