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    OPEN IE pages suddenyl go blank in WIN 8 in Classic Mode

    New to the forum, so I apologize if this already has been dealt with. I didn't find it in a search.

    I use the IE 10 browser when I'm in the Classic mode in Windows 8. After being in IE for a while and have several tabs open, when I try to do something on one of the pages (e.g., go to a different site or enter info into a page), the page suddenly goes blank. When I check other tabs, some of them are they are blank, too. I refresh the page, and sometimes it comes back up, but more often than not it doesn't. So I have to quit out of IE and restart it, and the whole process starts again.

    Any thoughts on what demon I'm working with?

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    Does this always happen with a specific site?

    Have you tried running IE with add-ons disabled?

    Are both IE & Win8 up-to-date with patches?


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    I remember way back with windows 98 there was a time limit for inactivity on a web page , it was with the browser or the internal card to protect the system. In windows 8 could you have activated parental guidance?. If you did maybe these settings are the answe rMaybe this post will help more advanced members come up with an idea
    Good luck Bob

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