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    IOBit Defrag installer ate Firefox tabs

    I'm not sure just how this happened but when I installed Iobit defragger -- or maybe clicked on a bloatware/crapware download button by mistake, my home page in Firefox got changed to Yahoo, my preferred search engine got changed to yahoo, and Firefox opened a new session without asking me whether I wanted to close the old one and I lost my tabs.

    I'm !$#@%#@% annoyed with the bait-and-switch or bait-and-bloat on download sites but this time one ate some of my work.

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    Its too late now but the next time a tab is closed by mistake or otherwise, you can restore it with Ctrl + Shift + T. Works with IE and Chrome as well as Firefox.


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    try to uninstall the toolbar/extensions to see whether it works
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    If your home page and default search engine were changed, then yes - you definitely downloaded and installed something that you don’t want. Was the Yahoo toolbar added to any of your browsers? Take a look at your Firefox extensions for any that you did not install intentionally. Similarly, chaeck the Chrome extensions (if you have Google Chrome installed), and finally look at your IE add-ons for any that are unknown to you.

    You really have to be on your toes anymore when downloading and/or installing anything. And while most crapware contained in other programs' installers has options to not install it, some don’t. I recently installed an update to Networx - and free network monitoring program - and the installer had something new: an "option" to install two toolbars from AVG. I deselected all boxes and continued with the Networx installation and AVG went and installed itself anyway. I had to find and get rid of all the bits spread all around my computer.

    I posted about this on the Networx forum and my post was very quickly deleted without explanation. Needless to say, Networx was immediately uninstalled from all my computers and will never be on any of my computers again.



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