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    Exporting formatting

    I have an Access 2010 report, which is based on a query, which includes a "Net surcharge or discount" field (Net S/D for short) .

    The data is stored in a table as a number in a field named "Adjustment".

    The query uses a calculated field to convert the data in the table to a decimal in the query (Net S/D: [Adjustment]/100), which correctly converts (e.g.) 125 to 1.25, or -50 to -.5.

    The report uses a format mask to display the field from the query as positive, negative, or blank (+#%;-#%;"";""), which correctly displays (e.g.) 1.25 as +125%, or -50 as -50%, both in Access and when exported to a PDF file.

    However, when exported to an Excel file, every cell in the column for this field appears blank, whether it contains a value or not, but if a cell containing a value is manually overtyped with the same value, then it is made visible (see attached example). Selecting the column in Excel and applying Format Cells > Percentage also makes values visible. How can I adjust the formatting in the Access report so that the field is exported to Excel with the values visible and not appearing blank, or is this a bug or setting in Access or Excel?
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