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    How can I transmit my PC headphone output via WiFi to a speaker?

    How can I transmit my PC headphone output via WiFi to a speaker?

    I bought a bluetooth speaker to use with my PC and finally got it to work when the bluetooth speaker is near my PC. But I also discovered that the final location of the bluetooth speaker is too far from my PC. The connection is lost and the sound breaks up. At the same time, WiFi is available throughout my house and the bluetooth speaker has an auxiliary input for a standard headphone jack. So is there a (cheap!!) way to transmit the output of my PC speakers via Wifi to some sort of Wifi receiver that I could plug into the auxiliary port of my bluetooth speaker (and NOT use the bluetooth at all)?

    Thanks for any suggestions !

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    You could use a computer to stream the music via wireless, but another computer is not really cheap.
    Bluetooth should be good for 30 metres, are you over that distance or do you have large concrete walls in the way? If neither is the case I'd be taking the speaker back and demanding my money back.

    cheers, Paul

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    Hi dear Rfarmer
    that is very good idea but DON'T forget the WiFi have limitation as well i mean limited to covering ..

    Bluetooth is best way


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