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    Win8 drops wired internet connection

    I connect my up to date windows 8 computer via ethernet through a Cisco E3200 router and a Cisco DPQ3212 cable modem. All devices have the latest drivers. My internet connection has the same name as my router. I have multiple devices connected wirelessly through the router. My active connection constantly drops out and resets itself. When it resets to the same name, all is ok. However multiple times per day, it resets to a new named network, "network 2". With network 2 my wired PC can get to the internet but cannot access the router. In addition all wireless devices can see the ssid and strong connection but cannot access the internet. I have replaced the modem, router, and all cables. Any suggestions?

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    It is possible there may be a conflict of DHCP ip addresses between your computer and router. The DHCP server is enabled by default on the router, if it is also enabled on the pc local area connection this may be causing the problems. Turn off the DHCP server on the router and see if this helps.

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    Sorry I'm a little late on picking this up. The symptoms you present are very confusing.

    Windows will assign a new network name if it detects a new Ethernet connection. However when it does this you state you can access the Internet but not the router?....that's very strange if the Internet is accessed through the router.

    Wireless devices connecting via WIFi, but not getting to the Internet? At what point?....all the time or just when the wired network drop and reconnects?

    All in, what you need is diagnostic information to unpick a very confusing situation.

    Start by running ipconfig /all on the ethernet and wireless clients (assuming some are Windows devices) before and after the network drops. Also execute an nslookup {router_name} and nslookup {} before and after.

    These will start to give you some detailed information about what is happening on your network at the time the drops occur. Look for strange DNS and/or DHCP settings and configurations.
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