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    Advice on new computer

    I am thinking of getting a new desktop and have two questions:

    First, what is the current thinking on 64 bit vs 32 bit?

    Second, are there any issues with AMD CPU's as opposed to Intel?


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    No issues with CPU choice unless neighborhood bragging rights and the fastest regardless of cost is at stake. Then it's Intel only.

    64-bit is ubiquitous now, it's all but mandated for Windows 8 (so it's UEFI compatible) unless you build your own system. 32-bit is only better for legacy compatibility, such as 32-bit devices/peripheral compatibility running in a healthy XP network.

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    With a new computer, I would go with 64-bit. You'll be hard-pressed to find a new computer which comes with 32-bit Windows; also, like FUN said, 32-bit is for backward compatibility. If you are getting a new computer, and if you don't have any peripherals or software which are really old (and which definitely need 32-bit), then you should go with 64-bit.

    I went with 32-bit Windows 8. But the reason I did was because my computer maxes out at 2 GB of RAM; and mentally I am largely stuck in the past (i.e. 32-bit is a security blanket for me).

    If my computer would take more than 4 GB of RAM, I wouldn't even think about installing 32-bit; I would go with 64-bit without hesitation. But since I am currently stuck with a 2 GB computer, I figure it won't hurt to stick with 32-bit Windows.
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