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    Importing Files to KeePass

    I switched to KeePass some time ago because Pass Word Safe would no longer store new entries. After I installed KeePass I noticed on the website instructions on importing files from other password programs. I didn't think the instructions were very clear, but I was able to import my entire file from Pass Word Safe to KeePass. I was attacked by a virus that insisted on $100.00 to get my computer back. Instead I did a complete reinstall of Windows 7. I have retrieved everything except KeePass. (Please don't remind me that I could have backed it up, I don't want to think about the stupidity of that error.) I re-installed KeePass, but I haven't been able to import the Password Safe file this time. "KeePass 2.x features a generic CSV importer" it says on the website. The instructions stop at 'File-> 'import' and choose 'Generic CSV Importer'. I have tried a variety of things to complete the task, without sucsess. I tried the "XML Option", but the downloaded XML file disappeared into a Temporary Internet File that this time I have been unable to retrieve. I want to complete this task because (a) I need the KeePass password safe and (b) I want to have the pleasure of backing it up on a dedicated flash drive so I will never have this problem again. Help will be appreciated.

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    What format is the Password Safe data?
    If it's a PS database you need to use PS to export it to XML or CSV.
    If it's a CSV KeePass will allow you to select what column is what value.

    A sample of the data format will help us work out what you need - munge the data first, of course.

    cheers, Paul

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