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    How to isolate NAS from Internet

    Does anyone have any suggestions how to isolate a NAS device from the internet, to prevent possible intrusion via uPNP/Port forwarding?

    My router has the usual firewall on board and 'Shields up' reports all stealthed. However my son is using uPnP to connect to an online game which opens 2 ports.

    Am I being paranoid?


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    What make of router do you have? It may provide isolation. What NAS system are you using? My WD My Book Live allows you to setup UserIds/Passwords for access to the private areas. I just set them to the same values that each machine uses to login and it works great. HTH
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    To isolate something from the Internet you'll need a second network, either a 2nd WAN-less router or a router with a guest network that can be configured separately. Even then though, one would have to be careful with any computer that spent time on both networks, one to have access to the Internet and the other to have access to the NAS.
    Otherwise as RG says, you probably can use access permissions and encryption, those sorts of things to wall off the NAS to anything unauthorized but they can wreck havoc on anything that lacks the structure to access the NAS then, like media players.
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    The 2 open ports probably only forward to your son's PC so all other machines will remain isolated from external access.
    A more likely issue is your son acquiring a virus and spreading that to your other machines.
    Running local firewalls on all PCs and not having open access on your NAS are mandatory in any environment where internet access is available.

    cheers, Paul

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