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    Inserting second field content based on combo box results without macro in Word

    Hi all,

    Can anyone tell me how I can have a second field populated based on the selection of a combo box in a different part of a word document without VBA?

    Maybe an example helps clarify...

    On page 1 the user would select a number choice from a combo box i.e. 100, 200, 300

    if the user selects 100 from the combobox a second field somewhere else in the same document would be filled with the written text of the value selected from the combobox i.e. ONE HUNDRED would be inserted in the second field.

    I would prefer to do this without any macros if possible. Any thoughts?

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    You could bookmark the result (combobox) and use a REF field or a StyleRef field to repeat it elsewhere.

    Version of Word?

    I am assuming you mean a Content Control combo box because all other kinds of comboboxes that I know about require vba to function.

    Why are you using a combobox rather than a dropdown? Usually you only use these if you want the user to be able to add to your selection of choices.

    For more ideas, see
    Charles Kyle Kenyon
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