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    Computer Starts to boot and turns off.

    My sons custom built 3-year old windows 7, 64 bit pro is starting to not boot. He turns it on and it starts to boot up and then just shuts down. We took it to Fry's and they could not find anything wrong.

    It doesn't do it all the time but it is annoying. I have run scan disk and defrag. Have wiped out the HD and reloaded windows awhile back, but can't get this problem corrected.

    Any ideas on what else to try?



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    Here's what I'd try.

    Open the case and one at a time remove each board and/or memory module. Blow it off with a can of compressed air and blow out the slot also. Reinsert it and move on the next one. Do the same with each of the drive connectors from the Mb and then from the device. Place a pencil in the fans one at a time and blow them out also. Blow out all the excess dust from the case and put the case back together. Fire it up and see what happens. If the problem persists the next step I'd take is to make sure you have the latest drivers for the MB and Video card. Still having problems then get hold of a Power Supply tester and see if it is on the way south. HTH
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    I agree with RG, the culprit is likely to be hardware.
    Can you elaborate more on what exactly Fry's did?

    Memtest86 and how to run it;
    How to run
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