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    Question Locked out of my admin account

    my girlfriend has no idea how to use a computer and locked me out of my admin account she can not remember the password we have tryed everything idk if she was just trying to be mean but now im locked out and if i cant figure it out i lose my computer for like two weeks is there anyway i can get behinde it i know i could for widows xp and 7 so is there anyway would love some input trying everything before i send it in

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    If it's your Admin Password, then you need to find someone who has a password removal tool.
    Every computer tech worth his keep should have one. I do!
    Ask around, the computer shops in your area.
    You shouldn't need to "Send it in" anyplace.

    You never did finish out your control panel with your location. If you were close by, I'd fix that for you.

    Good Luck and Happy Holidays!
    The Doctor
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