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    Word 2010: Index page numbers aren't active links to page in the doc

    I just created an index in Word 2010. The page numbers that appear after each entry do not take me to that page in the document if I click on them. That doesn't seem right.

    Here is my field code:

    { INDEX \h "A" c\ "2" \z "1033" \e " "}

    (The space after \e is to remove commas before page numbers)

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    That is the nature of Indices prepared by Word. The page numbers are not links, never have been.

    See Complex Documents - Indices

    For Work-Arounds see Index Linker - an Add-In
    an article by Cindy Meister if you want to try to do it on your own with vba. Note she has referred people who want a simple solution to the Add-In.
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