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    Do I need all of these updates?

    I removed a MS Office trial from my PC and afterward did not see any direct remains of Office on my PC. I then installed the free 2003 MS Word viewer and the free Powerpoint 97 viewer. I have not installed the compatibility pack as of yet.

    Now I see that there are 17 important updates for Office 2003. Only a few of these seem to pertain to the software I installed. The MS Office directory in program files has only 23 files.

    Should I install all of these or just the specific ones related to the software I installed? Sorry if this is the wrong forum, not sure where else to post this.

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    Office viewers use a large number of Office files, therefore are subject to Microsoft Update patches. For occasional users of MS Office tools, it's often easier to use an online service to open a *.docx or *.pptx

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    Those are security and other software type updates for office related software, so yes, by all means install them.
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    From the screenshot, 8 of the 17 updates relate to Office 2010, not Office 2003, so it looks like the removal of the MS Office 2010 trial left remnants that are being picked up by the Microsoft Update mechanism.

    Instead of installing the Office 2010 updates, try removing these remnants by using the MS Office 2010 removal tools. Working backwards, try using the MS Office 2010 Service Pack removal tool first in case you had Office 2010 SP1/SP2 installed before removing the trial version. (You didn't mention how long the trial had been installed nor when it was removed so I'm just covering all the bases.)

    Next, use the MS Office 2010 removal tool. (Note the warnings about the end of support for MS Office 2003 on April 8th 2014.) Make sure you download MS Fixit 50450 which is the one just for Office 2010 and which will work with the trial editions.

    I haven't had to use the MS Office 2010 Service Pack removal tool before but I have used MS Fixit 50450 to get rid of a damaged trial version that was preventing the install of the full retail version. Unfortunately, not all users report success using it so if remnants still remain you may need to carry out a manual un-install. I won't give the details yet because a FULL manual removal involves editing the registry, including keys affecting Office services.

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