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    Very interesting. I just got a Roku3, and it seems to be a Wifi hotspot on its own. I think that it communicates with its remote by WiFi instead of infrared or bluetooth. So I wonder if Roku might be able to show my laptop screen on the big TV. Does anyone know about that? Thanks.

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    streaming to and from pc tv and android

    This may not be what people have in mind here but it works and comes with many extra's. Get an android TV stick. Works with any TV with HDMI. Makes a smart TV even smarter because it becomes an android TV. You need a flymouse or wireless keyboard and or mouse with it for control or an app for your android smart phone for example. Anyway plug the stick into an HDMI port on your TV. Plug the the stick into the power adapter and voila get any app from the play store. Use vlc media player on your PC and use vlc direct pro (its free) on your android stick on TV. The app tells you what to do and it is easy. No need to set up a sharing folder, just browse through your PC, even external hard drives and play any video. There are many other streaming apps that do this or other things. Android sticks are like chrome cast plus anything android play store has to offer. There are some fast sticks out there with 3D even. Most are at least full HD. So that's my solution. Got it for my parents so they can Netflix and fb and get any app they want and stream. Hope this helps.

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    I have a 40" Samsung Smart tv which only has an Ethernet socket, so no wireless that I know of, but had considered getting a longer HDMI cable to check it out with my laptop.

    So far, I've only used the Ethernet connection (from router) to upgrade the firmware when I first got it as that is the way it has to be downloaded.

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