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    My positive experience with Macrium support

    I don't work for Macrium, and am saying the following based on my personal experience with their support.
    As you can gather from some of my previous posts here I am a very happy user of the paid version of Macrium Reflect.

    But yesterday topped all my previous experiences with them. For a few days prior, some of my image-taking and verifying worked; others would abort during the verifying step.

    I contacted macrium Support via email. They got back to me quickly with a request that I bring up their ''wizard" from my Macrium installation and send them some files for them to analyze.

    Within 4 hours, not only had they solved my issue, but they sent out an update to all their users to address the issue for everybodies benefit.

    I'm retired now; but I used to manage Tech. Support for a Fortune 100 company back in the days of IBM mainframes.

    Macrium's support, in my estimation, is the best that I encounter raegarding any of the software on my desktop.


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    That's definitely fast and effective support. Pretty good for a once only purchase - no annual license fee.

    cheers, Paul

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    This is also my experience with Macrium Support. They are swift, courteous and get the job done. Who can ask for more?
    -- Bob Primak --

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