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    Can you make it work less well?

    An interesting little story about Google from last year's Y Combinator Startup School:

    "When Google launched in 1998, they were very late to the search engine industry. At the time, search was dominated by large portals like Yahoo, which thought of search as a loss leader. Yahoo’s real business was, and continues to be, a portal and putting display ads everywhere. Stickiness was considered the key to business success back then – how to make people spend more time on your site. Google had the opposite strategy – its technology was so incredibly good at showing search results that people would immediately leave the website. Google tried to sell their technology for a million dollars to any of the big portals. The CEO of one of those large portals tried it and said: 'This works too well. People are going to leave my site. Can you make it work less well?' Google had amazing technology, which was considered a very contrarian business idea. No one had any idea how they would make money at the time."

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    Quote Originally Posted by cloudsandskye View Post
    No one had any idea how they [Google] would make money at the time."
    Surely this applies also to Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp?

    "The trouble with quotes on the internet is that you can never know if they are genuine."
    Abraham Lincoln

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