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    Obscure error halts rescue disk–creation process


    Obscure error halts rescue disk–creation process

    By Fred Langa

    How to solve the obscure "The parameter is incorrect (0x80070057)" error when building a rescue/repair disk or backing up a PC. Plus: Benchmarks you can run in a retail store to help choose a new PC; third-party support for XP apps; and free XP migration tools and assistance.

    The full text of this column is posted at (paid content, opens in a new window/tab).

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    There seems to be a critical flaw in Windows 7 and 8 that bears on the image backup function - and on the ability to use Windows Home Server to back up, as well. Three out of four new Windows 7 computers at a local center where I volunteer were hooked into Windows Home Server. They were also all upgraded with SSDs (Samsung 840s) to improve productivity. Windows Home Server wouldn't back up three of them, and failed with an "insufficient space to create a volume shadow copy" error. At first I thought it was the SSDs, but why 3 of 4? Much searching led to a thread that said that when Windows System Restore packs too much information in the 100 MB system partition that Windows creates during installation - such that free space on the partition drops below 50 MB - the backup will fail. So, too, will Windows Image backup fail. The failure doesn't occur when you only back up user files.

    I checked, and the three that wouldn't back up to WHS sure enough only had about 5-10 MB free space left in the 100 MB partition; the fourth machine, however, didn't have the 100 MB partition at all - so there was plenty of space to create the volume shadow copy. Why 4 seemingly identical Gateway DX4870s would differ in this way is odd - but I think image backup, which gives you a rapid return-to-yesterday capability in the event of catastrophic disk failure (we keep a whole spare computer ready to be put in service if one of the critical staff's machines dies) is a very valuable tool. Why Microsoft would put ever-increasing restore point data in a tiny partition, which needs space to create the volume shadow copy required by that valuable tool - such that the tool is eventually rendered useless, is a mystery to me. Deleting restore points hasn't worked, and suggestions on the web of how to fix this, risk rendering the machine unable to reboot. Poor design in my opinion, and it continues on Windows 8.

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    It could also be a permissions issue. Here is a posting I made quite a long time ago:

    I had the 0x80070057 error, too. I just got the SP1 update and still got the error. I thought it was an access issue but even using my default administrator account made no difference. This is the account that Windows 7 forces you to create upon installation or first use. The solution for me was to activate the hidden (also called "built-in") Administrator account. Log on to that account and I could create both a repair CDROM and repair DVD. Go back to my default administrator account and I get the old error message. Note that switching users from your regular account to the Administrator acccount does not work. You must initially log on as Administrator. For information on activating the hidden Administrator account, see (among many sites) Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit, SP1

    Most recently, I had the same problem due to an installation of Acronis backup software. I had long ago uninstalled it but the uninstall routine (even using Revo Uninstaller) left a registry parameter that prevented Windows backup and repair disk functions from working.

    Fixing it was not very easy. The uninstall program from Acronis did not take care of it. It took a manual Registry change. Afterwards, all is working correctly. I have to run as an admin, but not using the hidden Administrator account described above. Best not to activate that account if you don't need to.

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