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    Event ID 41 Kernel-Power

    I am getting these critical errors pretty consistently on my Win864 (8.1U) system now. The Event Log has the following information about the event:

    "Event ID 41 Kernel-Power. The system was rebooted without cleanly shutting down first."

    MS help is not helpful.

    Normally I can ignore this and it doesn't cause any problems. I now suspect it is interfering with other programs. Currently VueScan is hanging when I try to save images - but this varies from day to day.

    The system is connected to a UPS and I shut down from the start button (I am using Start8.) I get no error messages when shutting down.

    I have three USB3 external drives connected (via a power USB3 hub), but ejecting and disconnecting all three drives doesn't help. (I have noticed that after I shut down, and the PC power light turns off, I can hear one of the external drives spinning back up - though the drive activity light is off.

    This is all very strange and I wonder if anyone has any suggestions on how to debug this.


    Edit: I turned off "fast startup" and the errors have stopped. Windows has fast startup turned on by default, and when Windows carries out a "hybrid shutdown" I think there is an error somewhere and it is not (completely) getting everything shutdown correctly. When the system reboots it sees a status bit saying that the shutdown was not complete and that generates the error. Why that would affect some (not all) program saves I don't know. VueScan (for the moment) is working again.
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