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    Question What does using/running Chrome in an unsupported Windows OS mean exactly?

    To Clarify: Chrome will be Supported on Windows 7 until 2020. Then what? Will it not work? What does using/running Chrome in an unsupported Windows OS mean exactly? Does Anyone know for certain? Just purchased Windows 7 pro, and works beautifully with Chrome & Drive. After 2020, will Chrome still function? function but not receive updates? Not function? Will extensions/tabs;ie Wikipedia, One Tab, YouTube etc. continue to operate? What about XP users after 2015? Will Chrome still Function?
    Thank You Very Much!

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    Windows 7 will continue to run on the PC on which it is installed. What Google chooses to do with Chrome is up to Google. If it is not already stated in a support FAQ you should ask this question at the Chrome support site.

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    What about XP users after 2015? Will Chrome still Function?
    Microsoft ended WinXP support in April 2014. Have seen it announced that some AntiVirus programs may continue for a couple years but no more critical or security updates from Microsoft. Chrome is still running on some of the WinXP computers I've seen.

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    I think it's reasonable to take a lesson from history here. If and when a third party browser no longer supports an OS, that will be a new version, the old version will still work as written. Even newer version may work but some functionality and security patches are almost certain to be lacking and as web interaction standards change that entropy will accelerate.

    Counter-active to that historic course of events over time, Google's main service is advertising, the more eyeballs they can get on the Internet the better, one of the reasons Chrome exists, so as long as the burden of support is worth their time, it shall be supported.

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    All it means is that the vendor(s) will not assist you, whether for a price or for free, after that date. No change is made to the software on that date to stop it working, it just means you are on your own.

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