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    Slow file copy working from home compared to at the office

    I often work with very large (>100Meg) files. If I am connected to the LAN at work, and try to copy a file from one LAN location to another, it goes relatively quickly. However, If I am working from home, via a VPN connection, the same copy can take up to 20 times as long. I get the same slow-down if I try to zip or unzip a file on the LAN.

    I suspect that these transactions are using the Windows Temp directory, which is on my C:\ drive. Is it possible to relocate the Temp directory to a LAN location (perhaps temporarily) and do you think that might solve my problem.

    Any thoughts/suggestions would be welcome.

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    Is it possible to relocate the Temp directory to a LAN location
    Since many third-party programs tend to use the Temp Folder for decompressing files during their installation it's usually best that it remain on the same drive/partition the OS is installed on. An example would be Windows installation which may need 40GB free space but relinquishes part of it back to free space when finished. Moving it temporarily may work, just have to try it.
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    I don't think the issue has something to do with the Temp Folder. It's probably more on something with your network VPN connection from your home to your office network I think.

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    As Frozwire said, your machine is moving the data over the internet and that is the bottleneck. If you used a Terminal Server session everything would happen at LAN speed because the TS machine is on the LAN, you just get the screen data on your PC.

    cheers, Paul

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