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Thread: DataVac Update

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    DataVac Update

    Ok finally I got around to using the DataVac to clean my box. It looked a lot dirtier on the outside but was only moderately dirty on the inside. The blower in general did a very good job, would a cano'air have done better ? maybe but I don't think so. I had to use a que tip to clean my fans but my computer desk is in the same room as my kitchen and a bit of stick from oil is to be expected. I did mostly remember to block fan movement while blowing. (Note: I did forget while doing my girlfriends non booting computer and immediately stuck my finger in. Argyr*& it is still sore 2 weeks later, I guess there may be something to excess rotational speed causing damage, and maybe to bearings too )
    The unit does get HOT. I am sure it could easily self destruct if used w/o disgression.
    I would buy it again!

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    I must admit to some ignorance (lack of information) about a DataVac, but I'm definitely an old hand at cleaning PC's (electronics in general).
    Been doing it for way too many years.

    A shop vac or home vac. cleaner with crevice tool, works a treat for the dust you can see, but for the dust you Can't See, like inside the PSU, or down inside the CPU heat-sink, an air compressor putting out 80 to 100 psi, is my tool of choice.

    Oh yes, by all means, prevent a fan from turning when you're using compressed air to clean it out. I'm probably not the only one whose had a fan blade come off that become a deadly missile when hit with 100 psi compressed air. Argggggh!
    First the little fan will scream like a banshee, they they will start throwing blades at you.

    I have several favorite sayings, but the one that comes to mind right now is "a clean PC is a happy PC".
    With that thought in mind, I completely tear down my desktop PC once a year to clean everything and lubricate all my 11 cooling fans.
    What!? Lubricate a small cooling fan.....OH yes you can!!! But that's food for another thread.

    Cheers mates.....keep it running ..... keep it clean!

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