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    Should I get a Chromebook

    I have a chance to get a refurbished Toshiba 13" Chromebook for about $169.

    I am a Windows user. From what I can gather, it sounds like a Chromebook is similar to an iPad. You don't d/l programs, just apps. Also, I guess when you save stuff, it goes on the cloud.

    I would like a new toy.

    Any comments regarding advantages/disadvantages?


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    These are no disadvantages except the somewhat dependencies of Internet connections. For me, a Chromebook is not useful since I have the iPad, but, for example, my girlfriend can't use sensor-type virtual key and was perferred Chromebook over iPad and Samsung Galaxy. This is mainly the matter of personal taste, I think.

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    This is a 3 page review but you can see what customers think of it in their reviews on which at first glance appear to be favourable.

    Before I consider buying anything, Amazon customer reviews tend to swing it one way or the other for me and you have 257 for this item you can wade through if you want.

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