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    Custom keyboard?

    I very occasionally have to type in Thai. I'm slow and don't get enough practice to get better, so have to hunt and peck.

    The Thai alphabet is large; you have to use SHIFT+x for about half the letters. On my Windows 7 laptop, I have applied key decals which show the alternate (SHIFTed) character as well as the regular character. So I can look around and find the character I want.

    On my Windows 8 tablet, I have to use the on-screen keyboard. But the on-screen keyboard makes you press SHIFT to see the SHIFTed characters - and then you see the SHIFTed characters only. No matter what, you can only see half the characters at once. I want to see all the characters, so I can find the one I want to type easier. Basically, I want an on-screen keyboard that looks like my decalled laptop keyboard.

    Does one exist?

    Alternately, is it possible to create a custom keyboard?

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    See if you can find what you need here, otherwise keep searching, Google does work well.
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