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    Windows 7 Task Manager CPU Usage?

    I recently upgraded from Windows 2000 to Windows 7. In Windows 2000, the Task Manager CPU Usage seemed fairly accurate. In Windows 7, it seems completely wrong. Specially right after log-in. Programs that I run right after log-in, are extremely slow. If I wait a few minutes to run the same programs, they run a lot faster. But, both times, Task Manager says CPU Usage 1%.

    I understand why things run slow right after log-in. They improved the Windows boot time, by postponing a lot of processing until log-in. I do not understand why background processing is no longer included in CPU Usage %.

    I found Task Manager very useful with Windows 2000. Now, it seems like a waste of space. Am I missing something?

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    Much depends on your hardware, especially the disk speed and number of CPU cores. Click on Resource Manager (TaskMan > Performance tab) and you can check CPU/Disk/Memory/Networking details.Also set View > Show kernel times in TM, the red line indicates kernel activity, above ~8%, this starts feeling like lag as it runs at higher priority than User mode programs.

    What hardware are you using and is it the same hardware that you used for W2K?

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    Also, make sure you click on the "Show processes from all users button" in Task Manager.


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