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    IE11 on Windows 7 crashes

    This must be one of the most commonly reported problems out there - IE crashing when you try and watch any video. I've had the problem to one degree or another for several years now, but recently it has become so bad that I need to use another browser every time. I know it is not supposed to be the Techie's choice, but I prefer IE to all the other browsers out there. I've tried several others and have ended up going back to IE. Now the problem does seem to have a simple solution but it is not one I like. If I run IE as administrator everything works fine, but with all the nasties lurking on even reputable websites (like the recent cross scripting postings on Ebay and the malware that infected my machine when I downloaded legitimate software from Adobe about a year ago) I am not keen on "running as admin" while browsing.

    I hope I am just missing something really simple and that someone can point me to a safe fix for this problem. It is annoying to have to switch browser every time I want to watch a clip and I'm sure it should not be necessary.

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    Can you list what you have tried and have you checked Event Viewer for these events as that would be the best place for a clue as to why this is happening.

    To get a recent event, attempt to watch a video in IE 11 and then go into Event Viewer and look for the time stamp of the crash.

    IE 11 hasn't played nice with Win 7 for quite a few, but it would seem you have had these problems back to IE 8 ?

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