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    Forms when doing a Save As all fields are cleared? (Word97 sr2a)

    Hi all

    The scenario:
    we have protected forms on the network that users access.
    Users do a save as of the form to keep for their own purposes & then fill out the fields within the form.
    The form is now unprotected.

    The issue is:
    user has their unprotected form saved & form fields are filled out with data.
    if user in Word performs a File>Save As & saves file to local disk the resulting new file clears all the form fields.
    We actually want to retain the data in the form fields.

    Is this suppose to happen in Word - where the form fields are clear?
    Does anyone know anything about this?
    Let me know if you would like sample form attached.
    Thanks in advance - Diana

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    Re: Forms when doing a Save As all fields are cleared? (Word97 sr2a)

    Hi Diana,

    I got lost trying to follow your scenario, so perhaps you could describe it again?

    You have a protected form available.
    The user does a SaveAs and saves it to another location.
    Then you say the form is unprotected - are you saying that the SaveAs operation is somehow automatically unprotecting the form?, or are you saying that the user is (for some reason) unprotecting the form?

    Also, you say the form fields are filled out with data - when did the data get filled out? - didn't the form need to be in a protected state in order for the form fields to accept data? Did the user fill out the form while it was protected, and then for some reason unprotect it?

    If you have an unprotected form and do a SaveAs, it sounds plausible that the fields would clear. I guess the question is: why is the form being unprotected? (You could for instance, password-protect the forms protection, to keep users from unprotecting it)


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    Re: Forms when doing a Save As all fields are cleared? (Word97 sr2a)

    Hi Diana:

    Word's form fields are cleared whenever a form containing data is protected for forms. This normally happens if a user fills in the form fields while the document is protected (otherwise filling in the form fields would actually delete the fields), unprotects the document (still keeping the data), & then reprotects the document.

    The only ways around preventing the data from being lost are:
    1. If the type of form field is a text form field, you can lock the field from updates (Ctrl+F11). Then you can unprotect & reprotect to your heart's desire. However, this won't help you with drop down or check box form fields.

    2. You can change the built in commands that Word uses to protect the documents. See this <A target="_blank" HREF=;EN-US;Q181108>article</A>.

    Hope this helps.

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