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    Ken Kashmarek

    Question Skype on Windows7

    I did not find a specific forum for Skype, so here goes with a new post (it can be moved if there is a better place for this).

    On my Win7 laptop (64-bit), I was just today offered an update for Skype through Windows Update. However, Skype is NOT installed on the computer. When I click more information about the update, it indicates I must first determine if Skype is installed, and if NOT, then download and install before applying the update.

    Say what? It seems Microsoft is getting pushy about what software they expect you to install. I don't use Skype because Microsoft holds a patent on deep packet inspection on Skype sessions, where they can look at the details of your session, use that information to their liking, and probably forward it to others through give away, sharing, or sale (read:the spooks).

    Windows Update can perform this same check, so this is a deliberate push attempt by Microsoft to get users to install Skype under the pretense of offering an update for the feature (feature???)

    Has anyone else run into this?

    The update offered is KB2876229.
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    Yes, I also got the update offered but just right clicked on it and selected Hide.

    I got Skype as part of the bloat but have since uninstalled it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken Kashmarek View Post
    The update offered is KB2876229.
    That update is more than three months old, but it tells how to check whether Skype is installed under another account:


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    Ken Kashmarek
    I performed the check. There is no registry entry for Skype. I have been the only user of the computer. I also searched the boot partiton and Skype is nowhere to be found. Therefore, Windows Update could easily have determined that the indicated KB should NOT have been offered. Since the More Information link specifically indicated one should check to see if Skype was installed, that particular action is deliberate in that the write-up indicated where one should download Skype to be installed before applying the "fix".

    I don't care how old the update is. Why was it not offered to my laptop until today? Reason is the possibility that Microsoft is "pushing" Skype to users. This is referred to as captive audience marketing. First of all, don't need Skype. Second, don't want Skype.

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    Ken Kashmarek
    Following up on the unexpected Skype fix, I then ran across this:


    Why is Microsoft pushing Skype to users when they have a known Skype problem?

    Further, in Windows 10, Microsoft is providing a service to share your WiFi configuration (& password) with Facebook friends. The feature is called WiFi Sense. The above URL also makes reference to WiFi Sense in one of 6 additional stories with regard to Microsoft, Skype, & WiFi. In one story, they reference removing the WiFi feature from Skype in deference to a new paid WiFi feature in Windows 10.

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