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    Internal USB card drives have gone missing

    I've got a Win 8.1 system with automatic updates set to "on." It has been working normally but today I pulled an SD card from my camera to insert into the built-in card ports and noticed that none of the drive letters for any of the PC's card ports were visible any more (what would have been a sequence of drives "E" through "H"). I have an external USB connector for the card, so I plugged that in with the card and it worked without a problem. I'm debating whether to delete the USB devices and let the system reinstall them (I hope!), but the list (see image) is daunting and all the devices I've so far examined are claimed to be working normally. If anyone has any advice for where to start with this or if this is a known problem, I would appreciate it. Thanks!

    usb devices.JPG

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    Can I assume that you already removed any external devices and did a reboot? Did you scan for hardware changes?
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    I had a similar problem with a Card Reader suddenly not working. In my case it was caused by static discharge as I inserted the SD card.

    I fixed it by unpluging the internal USB connector, rebooting, then inserting it again.

    Another time I deleted the USB Hub for that device and let Windows find it again. Works either way.

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