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    Saving Images (4 and 5)

    At work, using IE 4.0, if I right-click on an image and ask to save it, it automatically assumes I want to save it either as a .bmp or a .jpg file. It defaults to .jpg. At home, using Windows 98 and IE 5, the only option I'm given is .bmp. Can I change this to add .jpg and make it my default?

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    Re: Saving Images (4 and 5)

    Sometimes this happens as a result of how the page you are viewing is coded. If you want to save it with a different extension, you're free to do so - what you need to do is to save the filename with quotes around it such as:


    This will tell Windows that you want it to use your filename, period, exactly as it appears in quotes. If you don't do that, you will wind up with filename.jpg.bmp instead, which is not what you want.

    Also - keep in mind that if the image is truly in BMP format, changing the extension will not make it a JPG, it will simply have that extension. BMP files are much larger than JPGs and also better quality. A decent image editor or viewer will be able to reveal the image's true nature.

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