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    NET Framework nightmare

    I have had a long-running nightmare with NET Framework that somehow doesnít want to get fixed. There are a million fixes and fixer-uppers on the internet, all, it seems I have tried and none of which worked for me.

    Kaspersky AV will not install because it demands NET 4, but if you try to install 4 on its own MS will give you 4.5, which allegedly covers the territory up to that point but Kaspersky still wonít work, and according to Windows Updates I have NET updates halfway to the moon (or at least 4.6). FileHippo is another app that requires NET, and the list may or may not be endless. Panda (which I had been using) can be a stand-in for Kaspersky, FileHippo I can live without, but I donít know how many important programs actually use it or need it.

    The computer works without it, I have wasted an eternity trying to fix it, and Iíd be interested to know if anyone knows what itís good for and what could have messed it up so badly (apart from operator incompetence).

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    I would uninstall all versions of .NET, reboot, and then install the version(s) of .NET that you need for your various programs. Then see if the issues have been resolved.

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    I would either try the repair tool, or the cleanup tool.

    I prefer removing all vestiges of .NET Framework 4 and then install 4.6.1 (current) after a reboot.

    If you still have issues then it may not like some aspect of your hardware. The only free is update BIOS, all drivers from chip maker, and all firmware. This is a long shot. You can also unplug unneeded peripherals to see if they interfere.

    Of course if you are using Win10--omg!--you are humped:
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