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    Calendar disappearing in Outlook 2007

    I have a question that was not solved by the earlier thread of the same name.

    I have this same problem but the thread didn't completely answer my specific issue. I have all my Calendars checked but still cannot see the one calendar that has all my appointments. I still get daily reminders to events in the missing calendar. Any ideas? Also, all my contacts have disappeared. However, they appear as auto-fill when I compose a new email. I think it has something to do with the iCloud. I briefly had an iPhone for about a month and I set up the phone to sync with Outlook. That is when the calendar and the contacts disappeared. I no longer have the iPhone nor my calendar nor my contacts.

    I have the calendars list but "My Calendar" is missing from the list now. I've looked/probed/experimented in all the views settings. I've changed things that you wouldn't think had anything to do with this. I've even looked on the hard drive for any file with the calendar format extension. Any other ideas?


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