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    WOW, last update has removed my mail.

    I booted to my SSD with win 10 and automatically got a update, I didn't really think that much about itand let it do it's thing.
    BUT afterward, the first thing I noticed is my Thunderbird with all my mail accounts was gone off the desktop so I went and started checking files..... it's not there.

    I have since deleted the partitions on the SSD and reinstalled win 7 image and I intend to stay with win 7 till further notice.

    I just thought someone might like to know this about there Thunderbird mail.
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    This is NOT a Thunderbird issue at all!

    It seems that Microsoft is too over-protective of what they consider to be "their turf".

    I had a similar experience with the original upgrade to Windows 10 and then later with the big fall update (November2015?).

    In both cases they only removed the program/icon(s) and menu entries; Thunderbird's data files were still in their standard locations.

    Since I have all my third-party software always installed in the default locations that the software suggests the solution was very simple: I re-installed Thunderbird and upon first start it found it's "old" data files and worked just like before.

    Give it a try and let us know how it went.
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    I have Thunderbird installed on one computer. This particular computer began as Windows 7 Home Premium and I upgraded it to Windows 10 Home in early August 2015. It's upgraded several times now and is currently version 1607 build 14393.51 with Thunderbird still working as it has right along. (I also still have Windows Live Mail 2012 installed and working, as well as the Windows 10 mail client.)
    I have to add that I've allowed Thunderbird to perform all the updates to itself during this span of time, and it's installed with all its default settings.

    I just thought you'd like to know that some folks haven't had a problem.

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    Updated both my desktop & wife's laptop to Win 10 AU a day or two after release, and neither of us has had any T'bird problem at all.

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