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    Watermarks in Word 2007 Only on Hard Copies

    Is it possible to set up a custom watermark that does not show unless the document is printed? (I have not been able to find any help from my online searches.)

    What I want to do is have a custom watermark for official documents like work instructions that warn the reader that the hard copy is good for only 24 hours after printing. Obviously, there is only a need for the watermark to appear when printing the document and not when viewing it electronically. Also, I would not want the watermark to appear when saving the document to a pdf file either. I would, however, like it if I could have the same thing when printing the pdf file, if possible.

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    I don't know how you will go with a PDF but I suspect this is not possible without fiddling with the printer watermark settings.

    With Word, it is not obvious how you might achieve this. Typically the intent is normally achieved by putting the print date into the footer and including a disclaimer along the lines of 'Uncontrolled document if printed'

    I think you have some workaround options.
    1. Hijack the Print command to temporarily add the required watermark and remove it after printing
    2. Add a watermark and a page background colour that match colour exactly. The background won't print unless your options are set to print it. This effectively gives you a watermark that only appears when you print.
    3. Add the watermark normally but view the document in Normal View (which doesn't show the watermark)
    4. Add the watermark in the printer settings
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