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    Unhappy Irritating backup warning message I cannot get rid of.

    My computer is running Windows 10 AU (WinX-AU for short) that I've enabled both File History and the Win7-like backup of Backup and Restore. The backup drive is a 1 TB Seagate portable hard drive that is plugged into a USB 3.0 port of a Dell Alienware X51 R2. I also have setup a network share on another machine that I then added to the "Music" library.

    Now, I thought that when I configured Backup and Restore, I told it NOT to back up anything on the network share. Yet, every backup since have generated the following warning message log: "Backup skipped backing up '\\<net machine name>\Shared Music\<username>\<Performer-Group name>\<Album name>' as it is not on local machine." Note that the root of the network share is "\\<net machine name>\Shared Music"...the one warning is coming from a third sublevel folder inside the network share.. As far as I've figured out...none of the other music folders are apparently trying to force a backup of themselves over the home 'net.

    Despite my efforts to search for a solution, I've hit a hard wall of why I'm getting this message. Any ideas of where I should go to investigate a possible solution to this problem (meaning to make the app STOP blurbing out it's advice to check the backup!). Aside from giving up and "putting down" the portable drive AND the computer involved?

    OH...the network share is on a 15 year old Dell Dimension 8200 running Win7 Home Premium. Additionally, all my home LAN PCs are part of a common Homegroup. These three pieces of information are probably unrelated to my difficulty, but as I'm otherwise flummoxed, I mention them just in case of a weird side-effect.


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