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    Windows 7 New Install Update Issues Solved

    I've read through a ton of post on various forums about Windows 7 updating issues especially on new/clean recent installs without having any luck curing the problem. That is until I stumbled across this post on a MS forum which I followed and in less than 20 minutes was updating the new install. I wasted a ton of time looking for these answers and a person that goes by Canadian Tech posted the most straight forward answer that I've seen and it works as posted. So if you are struggling with this issue, getting ready to do a clean install, or a new build, follow these directions and you'll save a ton of stress, time, and frustration. See this post for the cure

    Hopefully this will help others with this problem.


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    See the link to the official M$ Windows Update is taking an unusually long time to scan and install updates article in satrow's #8 post at (2016-10-23, 23:17).
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