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    Necessary Patch Files (Office 97)

    With Microsoft announcing that they will soon be ending technical support for Office 97, we (where I work) have discussed trying to collect all the various patches that have been issued so we could manually apply them when creating (or recreating) a system (as opposed to using the Windows Update feature to automatically scan and update a system).

    Has anyone seen or created a list of "patches that should be applied?" Any opinions on what should and should not be included?

    I have the same concerns about Win 98 (yes, we still use it since it does meet all our needs -- and we're not ready to upgrade) so I'll be posting this type of message in that message board as well.


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    Re: Necessary Patch Files (Office 97)

    I use Office 97 at home and have applied every available patch (through SR-2a, I think). It might just be good luck, but the suite is absolutely rock-solid and became more so with each subsequent patch. These patches should still be available, probably on CD or by download, from MIcrosoft. Good luck!

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    Re: Necessary Patch Files (Office 97)

    I copied this instruction from WOW couple of years ago and downloaded the patches. All patches mentioned below are the latest availabe - you can find them on MS Office webpage <A target="_blank" HREF=></A>

    If you already have the SR-2 version of Office 97 on your computer then you CANNOT run the 'SR-2b' patch - it will detect the presence of SR-2 on your computer and despite the fact that it is an older version of the Service Release, it will refuse to install.
    The alternative for SR-2 users is to apply the separate patches as follows:
    1. Outlook 97 o97dtfix
    or Outlook 98 o98dtfix
    and follow instructions from README files.
    2. ODBC / Jet jet35sp3.exe
    The combination of the old SR-2 plus the above patches will bring you to the equivalent of SR-2b.
    After you have installed SR-2b you're not done in bringing Office 97 up to date. You need to apply the following 3 patches:
    1. The Word 97 Template Security Patch
    2. The Forms 2.0 Control Security Patch
    3. The new Excel 97 patch that the Microsoft SR-2b site doesn't yet mention:
    Note that you must reapply these patches after the SR-2b patch - even if you have already installed them. SR-2b overwrites some of the files updated in the patch and you have to update all over again. So much for a 'one click' solution.

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